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Ayur Deepam

The Traditional Health Science of India

The unique ayurvedic therapy & rejuvenation centre at kallarippadikkal Payyoli, offers you the gift of complete health through ayurveda.

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We offers genuine and high quality ayurvedic treatments .

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Ayurveda is the first medical science to give a complete definition of health.

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About Us

We the are on the move constantly to bring  health,confidence-with in every body’s reach.

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Effective Treatments

  • Backpain

  • Arthritis

  • Paralysis

  • Sinusitis

  • Migraine

  • Depression

  • Stomach Dissorders

  • Hair loss/dandruff Rejuvenation and stress

  • Neck Pain

  • Psoriasis

  • Spondylitis

  • Slip-disc

  • Weight loss

  • Skin Diseases

  • Insomnia

  • Relief Panchakarma therapies

Highlights of Ayurdeepam

  • Experienced ayurvedic doctors and traditional vaidyas.
  • Professional therapists highly skilled in traditional Kerala ayurvedic and Thai yogic messages and marma pressure point therapies.
  • Hygienic treatment rooms and ayurvedic pharmacy.